Here’s 5 easy steps to happy healthy nails!

Step 1 – Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil – I cant stress this enough….cuticle oil twice a day people. I make my own and there is a super easy recipe in my previous blog. But basically you need to ensure you feed you cuticles and nail plate with vitamin E, this needs a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut oil as the E molecule is too large to be absorbed on its own.

This is increasingly important as you get older as your nail plate will naturally start to dry out and often nails become dry, flake and brittle.

good nails vs bad nails

Bad Nails vs Good Nails

Step 2 – Regular Nail Filing

Keep them filed and to a manageable length (if you keep your nails natural). Some people like them long and others short, both are great!! But either way keep the free edge clear of chips, splits and breaks by keeping it smooth. Twice a week is generally plenty. As a quick guide to the grit on files, the higher the number the softer the grit so look for anything above 180 grit. Anything below this is far too abrasive and will cause damage to the free edge and the nail plate. A 4-way buffing block is a great buy if you’re not sure what to do, they tell you on each side what to do and will keep those nails looking shiny and salon perfect everyday!!

Step 3 – Regular Nail Salon Visits

If you have gel, gel extensions or acrylics applied, please please please keep to regular appointments and DO NOT pick them!!! Picking of the product will start to strip the top layer off your natural nail plate and will cause thinning and damage over time if picking is repeated. Try to rebook at the time of your appointment or go back every 2-3 weeks for removal or infills. There is nothing worse for us nail techs than having to try to repair the damage that has been done or having to break it to our clients that they will have to have a break from the products until their nails have grown out. If you really do want to remove the product yourself, then talk to your nail tech and they should walk you through how to do it without causing damage.

Step 4 – Remove Old Nail Polish

If you are wearing polish and you apply it yourself, the base, colour and top coat!! This will prolong the stay power of your polish and help to prevent discolouration of the nail plate. Also once your polish starts to chip, remove it!!! It takes 5 minutes and honestly there is nothing worse than chipped polish. If you don’t have time to reapply then a quick file and buff and your nails will look salon perfect again in no time at all – thats so much better than chipped polish.

nail polish

Chipping Nail Polish vs Stunning!


Step 5 – Remember Your Toe Nails

Remember your toe nails count too. Everything that I have mentioned above applies to the toes also, but even more in my opinion. These are the most neglected area that I see in my salon as we don’t see them properly everyday, they are hidden inside shoes and socks. The perfect environment for breeding bacteria and fungus as its dark, warm and moist. Get those toes out of shoes and go bare foot at some point in the day/night, wash them properly and in-between the toes, dry them really well (using talc is necessary) and wash those gym trainers regularly.

If you use a salon please make sure that their tools have been put in a good barbicide (that’s the blue looking water) and that it is new that day. It has to be refreshed everyday or the ingredients become in-affective. If you’re in any doubt, take your own tools and ask them to use those, they shouldn’t take offence!!

beautiful toes

Just a lovely picture!

And thats it peeps, my 5 easy steps to keeping those nails looking tip top. Keep up to date with regular tips and tricks on my website or my facebook @Be-youtifyUK

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