Gel Extensions

Nail strength with natural appearance

Get a More Natural Look

Gel Extensions provide you with the strength of Acrylic but with the appearance of a more natural nail. A plastic tip is applied to the end of your nail to provide length, and then the gel mixture is applied over the top to add strength. Very often the tip ends up growing out with consistent over lays and you just have the gel mixture applied over your natural nail. Compared to Acrylics, Gel extensions are odourless, have far less chemicals and are much more natural in their appearance.

All types of extensions need regular maintenance, called Infills, as they will grow out with your natural nail, dependent on your nail growth and daily activates we always recommend every 2-3 weeks.




Gel Extensions (Left with Natural Finish)

A full set of extensions but left with a natural finish, you can then apply nail polish yourself at home if you wanted

£38 – 1 hour 15 minutes

Gel Extensions

A full set of extensions finished off with Zoya Vegan and Cruelty Free Nail polish

£42 – 1 hour 30 minutes (care must be taken to ensure the polish is fully dry before leaving the salon)

Gel Extension (Finished with Madam Glam Gel Polish)

A full set of extensions finished with Madam Glam Vegan and Cruelty Free Gel Polish

£45 – Please allow 2 hours


The nail tech will gently fill down the existing gel mixture around the nail bed and the existing gel nail. New gel is the applied within this area and over the rest of the nail.

Infill – left with a natural finish – 30 minutes £22

Infill – polish removed, infill and polish re-applied – 45 minutes £28

Infil – Gel removed, infilled and gel polish applied – 45-60 minutes £32

Fixing of broken nails / extending individual nail only – From £2 per nail

Full Removal of Gel Extensions

The gel is gently filled down to the natural nail – please allow up to 60 minutes £30

Why Be-Youtify?

I love nails and everything to do with them

I love nails and everything to do with them, in fact, I always treat your nails as if they are my own and create a service to meet your needs.

Simply relax

I have a calming and quiet environment so you will come away feeling truly pampered and relaxed

A full, fabulous range of colours

I have a fabulous range of colours, all of which are Vegan and Cruelty Free. I also try to make sure all the other products I use meet my own high standards, from the organic cotton wool to my cruelty free and biodegradable nail files.

I only use hand files

I only use hand files – no nail drills that can damage the natural nail with incorrect use
I had a lovely french pedi done. Lottie is lovely, did a superb job and the products she used were vegan. I will definitely be going back.

An update on my first Vegan & Curelty Free gel manicure with Lottie at Be-Youtify. The photos show just how fabulous this is – from day 1, 2 then 13. It hasn’t moved, chipped or scratched and neither have my nails broken or split. Just the nails have grown. I’ve only used rubber gloves for serious washing up and latex gloves for washing my hair – as always. So nothing different. Now that is what I call a result!

I can absolutely recommend Lottie Mitchell. I had a manicure and pedicure done with her a few weeks back and was really happy with the quality of service!